What I Have Learned About Our Souls and the Universe

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What I have learned about our souls and the universe

Most of the content of this post is the introduction chapter in my book Living on Earth: A Guide To Help You Achieve Health, Happiness, and Success

There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten.

— Marie Antoniette

Have you ever wondered what is the point of life? 

New age spirituality blog reflects the knowledge I have gathered over the past 27 years reading and researching books on self-help, spirituality, personal growth, and healing the body and soul.

This knowledge has helped me make more sense of my life experiences, learn how to change my circumstances for the better, and live a happier existence.

I have learned that humanity is not a random accident, that there is a reason why we are here, and that each one of us has a purpose in life we have come to fulfill, a reason and purpose which we planned prior to incarnating. 

We are much more than our physical body; we are eternal souls incarnated in a body.

What is a person’s soul?

Our souls are units of consciousness that once upon a time belonged to an overall mass of consciousness, and this mass split up for the purpose of experiencing itself.

All individual souls were created the same, from the same mass.

From a physical perspective, our souls are higher aspects of ourselves that know we are spiritual bodies living a human experience, but our conscious self has forgotten this.

We are simply energy and thus can’t die, only change form.

We come to Earth repeatedly through the process of reincarnation.

The Law of Reincarnation gives a soul the choice to come back to Earth if there is anything unresolved, or incomplete at the end of a lifetime, that the soul wants to take care of.

The soul might have already been incarnated on Earth, and has a wide spectrum of soul family and karmic ties it wants to resolve, or it might be the first time it is incarnating.

What our soul knows

Comet going around the earth in the universe

Before our soul incarnates in a human body on Earth, it understands that:

1. Everything is Energy.

Everything is energy. We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational universe that is contained in The All, or the Field of Consciousness.

Every human being and every place has its own unique vibrational resonance. This is the vibration, or atmosphere you feel when you go into a bar, enter a cathedral, or meet a person for the first time.

Everything in the universe also radiates a specific frequency (or vibration), which remains recorded permanently in what is called The Field of Consciousness. This field is a web of energy that connects our bodies and all beings in the world.

All events, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future.

Our vibration is further refined as we evolve and grow in consciousness over many lifetimes, and with our thoughts and actions while on Earth.

Thoughts are measurable pure energy.

Whether positive or negative, our thoughts create an emotional response in all the millions of cells in our body, which results in a powerful bodily vibration.

When we have positive thoughts and feelings, the vibration is high; when negative, the vibration is low.

Every thought we have, ever had, and will ever have, is creative. The energy of our thoughts never dies. As we think, we vibrate, and as we vibrate, we attract.

2. Our soul understands it will inhabit a human body to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Reincarnation, newagespirituality.com

We will evolve when we master our life lessons, grow in consciousness, and remember who we are.

We grow in consciousness through taking on challenging experiences in physical form, which causes us to make important decisions and discover our inner resources.

Life challenges bring us to the core of our soul’s mission, but our soul knows it won’t have to figure it all out on its own.

Our soul receives assistance from the connection it keeps to the part that is not incarnated – our higher self.

This is the part of us that remains on the other side of the veil. It is the essence of who we are and holds the accumulated knowledge from all our lifetimes.

We don’t come with 100% of our energy; we only bring as much as we think we will need in this incarnation.

This connection to our higher self is frequently referred to as our intuition, although it also assists with what we call synchronicity.

This is how we meet our significant partners and friends, or have unexpected amazing things happen to us. This connection is possible because of the existence of the universal Field of Consciousness which I mentioned earlier in this post.

Our evolved higher self is our spirit; the broader part of us that knows who we truly are.

Our intuition is our higher self talking to us via our emotions; it is not generated from the brain.

Have you ever looked at something that gave you the chills, or felt a sudden sunken gut feeling? That is your intuition talking to you, giving you signals as to what you need to know.

Our emotions are not random occurrences, they also tell us if our thoughts at any given moment are a vibrational match to how our higher self perceives us; that is, to what our higher being knows as being the truth. This is the reason we feel awful when we think, “I don’t amount to anything,” or “I’m so ugly.”

Our higher self knows that it is not true, and it is giving us the corresponding emotion of feeling awful so we are able to realize that.

When we think a thought that rings true with who we really are, we feel harmony, joy, love, and a sense of freedom.

When we think thoughts that don’t ring true with who we are, we feel disharmony in our body, depression, and fear.

Our higher self knows our life plan and who we want to become, and via our emotions and intuition it is giving us clues as to which direction we need to follow in order to evolve and achieve our goals.

We use this tool many times, although perhaps unconsciously.

We conclude: “I didn’t do it because it didn’t feel right,” yet we have no logical explanation for how we came to that decision.

Buddha said it so well. This is one of my favorite quotes: “If you don’t get it from yourself, where will you go for it?

If you don't get it from yourself, where will you go for it? Buddha

It is the power of your intuition, not your logic, that will help you discern if the information provided in this blog is right for you or not. It will feel right, or not.

Your emotions and excitement will give you the answer.

As well as the connection to our higher self, our soul knows that from the moment it is born in physical form it will have the assistance and company of guides and angels.

3. Our soul understands that before incarnating, with the assistance of our guides and soul family members, we will have a planning session.

In the planning sessions we will plan the details of our upcoming life and our soul contracts and agreements with other people.

We will also select the family we will be born to and our life challenges and circumstances, but once born – on a conscious level – we will forget all about it.

This is known as the Veil of Amnesia, or the Veil of Illusion.

One of the biggest hurdles we will encounter on Earth is that we have forgotten who we really are and why we are here, and therefore we have to deal with the pain and suffering of why bad things happen to us and why we deserve our fate.

If we remembered where we came from we would be longing to go back, and we would not be able to recognize what an opportunity for our soul’s growth it is to be on Earth.

On the other side of the veil we ask for numerous opportunities to reincarnate until we feel we have completed our evolution.

4. While on Earth, our soul understands it will be governed by spiritual laws but it will also be provided with Free Will.

I have established Laws in the universe that make it possible for you to have —to create— exactly what you choose. These laws can't be violated, nor can they be ignored. You cannot not follow these laws for these are the way things work.Neale Donald Walsch

Our thoughts will be the tool that will allow us to manifest our life plan, assisted by our intuition, guides, and angels (and we will have other amazing tools to guide and help us, like Oracle Cards).

We will set our ideal environment and all our main contracts and agreements before coming to Earth. However, it is while on Earth that we will create our experience by following the universal spiritual laws – consciously or unconsciously – along with our ability to change our mind with our given Free Will.

Free Will means that we will be able to be, do, and have what we want, and also, we will have the option to follow or not follow our life plan and our agreed soul contracts.

Although it might seem otherwise, we understand that earth won’t be chaos and things won’t happen at random. We will not be at the mercy of fate.

Two of the most popular and well-known universal spiritual laws are the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction.

At some point in our lives, most of us will start searching for answers, wanting to know why we came to Earth, what is the purpose of being here. 

Our higher self will keep nagging us to search and find out what it is all about.

Concluding thoughts

Our soul knows we deserve love, fulfillment, and joy by birthright. If we have a dream, a goal, or a wish that we haven’t fulfilled, it will keep reminding us. Repeatedly.

I have written several posts to help you in your quest for health, happiness, and success. The best place to start is this post:

Do you have an unfulfilled dream? Is your soul nagging you to go after it?

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  1. Ranjani

    How a soul can have an unfulfilled dream spiritually? I cant understand that?

    1. Hi Ranjani, thanks for your question. When it says “If we have a dream, a goal, or a wish that we haven’t fulfilled, it will keep reminding us,” these are dreams and goals that we have on Earth, on a personal level. These are things we set out to be, do, or have in the planning sessions before coming to Earth, our soul knows what they are.
      The soul is complete and whole as it is, which I think is what you are confirming in your question, but our soul will keep reminding us on a physical level of what we haven’t achieved yet.
      For example, you might have a dream to become a pianist and that eagerness doesn’t go away. That is your soul reminding you to fulfill your dream.
      Hope it clarifies, much love

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