What Is a Young and an Old Soul (Why It Matters)

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Are you a Young or an Old Soul?

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Have you heard the expression you are an old soul or wondered what it means to be an old or a young soul?

You have probably come across children that behave “way past their years,” or people who have shown endless caring and compassion like Mother Teresa. 

What an old soul usually means is that the personality of the person is showing some qualities of an advanced soul, such as compassion, knowledge, balance, and understanding of life.

Introduction to Dr. Michael Newton


Dr. Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist and  member of the American Counseling Association, discovered via hypnotic age-regression techniques that many of his patients were able to recall past-life memories as well as the planning time spent between reincarnations.

With the help of his patients, Dr. Newton has documented in detail all the stages of death and birth.

He was also able to understand and document the steps in our soul evolution, from newborn to old soul.

There are other ways to classify our soul evolution. Several books mention them as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Usually, the composition of a soul group (or soul family) is made up of beings on the same level of advancement.

journey of souls book cover

In Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton follows the same classification for soul advancement: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

However, in Destiny of Souls, after many more years of research, Dr. Newton writes about his discovery that souls will display energy color depending on their stage of evolution, or advancement, and thus he is able to ascertain their advancement level on that basis.

Destiny of souls book cover

Newton discovered that white refers to younger souls, moving into yellow, orange, green, and finally the blue ranges. The deeper and richer colors referred to the most advanced souls.

In addition to these center core auras, there are subtle mixtures of halo colors within every group that relate to the character aspects of each soul.

Dr. Newton classifies soul development as moving from a level one beginner through various learning stages to that of a master level six. Other authors follow a very similar classification, from baby to old soul, which we will discuss later in this post.

The soul advancement level refers to the consciousness and self-awareness within each soul.

As the souls progress through each stage, they gain more experience and their consciousness expands.

The evolution of our souls is marked by all the choices and decisions we have made over our many lives on Earth.

In the same way that a professor is not better than a student, or an older sibling is not better than a younger one, older souls are not “higher” or better than younger ones. It is the same energy with the same potential, but some souls progress more quickly and others more slowly. Some have had many thousands of lives on Earth and others haven’t.

Why understanding soul advancement matters

Couple arguing

The stage of a soul in his development is very useful when we try to understand people’s behavior.

When we say, “Well, he or she is thirty (or fifty); he should know better by now,” the reality is that no, sometimes he won’t know better because he is a young or an intermediate soul.

Even old souls will have their own issues to resolve; otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. Physical body age is beside the point.

Our soul progresses through the following stages of development: Infant, baby, young, mature, and old soul; but there is a gradual blend from one stage to the next.

A person at the start of the mature stage, for example, will act mostly like a young soul but with some traits of a mature soul will begin to emerge.

Important note: This post is just a guideline for understanding our soul evolution. It is not a hard and fast rule.

A person might be portraying the characteristics of a young soul yet be an old one. Sometimes people don’t fully evolve into who they really are until later on in life, or until they have experienced a traumatic or life-changing event.

The characteristics below are general guidelines. Do you feel identified in any particular group?

Stages of Soul Evolution

Claims of superiority are generally unenlightened The Jeshua Channelings

Infant (or newborn) souls

Infant souls typically come to Earth for a few hours or weeks to experience the atmosphere of Earth. They also thrive in simple environments close to nature, such as tribes or rural settings. They possess a very simplistic view of life.

They might commit crimes without any sense of wrongdoing since they lack social understanding and experience on Earth.

Most serial killers are infant souls.

Baby (or child) souls

Baby souls think much more about rights and wrongs, and they like to live within a set of rules. They seek order and stability in life, to the point of being too rigid.

Both their beliefs and actions are rule bound, so they are usually ultra-conservative, regimented, upright, and moralistic, with strong values.

If they break the rules they might self-torture with guilt and shame.

Young (or teenage) souls

Young souls are slightly more evolved but need clear direction and boundaries. They tend to be impetuous, self-centered, competitive, and rigid in their thinking.

Sometimes they create bad karma because of their inability to use their excess energy constructively. They are strongly ego-driven, looking for worldly fame and success.

Note: There is nothing wrong with seeking fame and wanting to succeed in your field, but young souls will tend to show off their fame and wealth to everybody else once they “make it.” It is their attitude and thinking that they are superior that makes them a young soul.

They have gone past most of the negative behavior that infant and baby souls possess, but they are still externally focused and have a way to go in other aspects.

Mature (or adult) souls

Yesterday I was clever so i wanted to change the workd, today i'm wise so i'm chaning myself Rumi

Mature souls are becoming wiser and are repaying debts they have built over the years.

This is why sometimes they have very difficult lives. They are reaching a level of maturity that they didn’t have before; therefore, at the planning sessions they will pick experiences that will challenge them, in order to grow and progress as fast as they can.

Mature souls tend to be more reflective than younger souls; they search for a bigger meaning in life. They seek to grow an understanding of themselves; spiritual growth becomes very important.

They don’t need to prove themselves and win at all costs. They can be competitive without the ego issue that younger souls have.

Old souls

Old souls are usually characterized by the fact that they possess knowledge and wisdom that is visible to others. Sometimes they take on caring roles, such as doctors and nurses, but they appear in all trades and places.

An old soul might be a homeless person helping out baby, or younger souls that are homeless.

Never judge any person or situation as you don’t know what their soul is trying to accomplish.

Do you feel older than you are?

10 signs that you are an old soul

Buddha background and monk walking away

(Please note, you might NOT have some of the below traits and be an old soul. These are general characteristics. Not everybody fits the same mold.)

  1. Compared to younger souls, old souls are detached, compassionate, calm, and measured, humanitarian, and typically unattached to social structures and cultural expectations. You might be very wealthy, but you don’t pursue materialist things for the sake of it. Superficial lifestyles are a thing of the past, although of course you can wear name brands or live in a mansion. The point is that you don’t seek those items to show off like a younger soul would do.
  2. You didn’t have many friends as a child, you didn’t seem to fit in. Or you might have just preferred to be around adults. 
  3. You are very good at giving advice, and you have numerous friends that seek your advice regularly. 
  4. At the same time, you might feel an outcast with your usual friends, you are growing and evolving at a much quicker pace. You might feel lonely quite often.
  5. Going out doesn’t have the same appeal as it did before. You love being with yourself. Meditation has a much bigger appeal than ever before. 
  6. You seek to understand the bigger meaning of life. You might be reading  more spiritual books
  7. You can easily see both sides of an argument. You are more detached from drama and can easily see the bigger picture. 
  8. You are emotionally mature, and people notice that.
  9. You feel that you have been here before, and you might even be tired of living on Earth. You have experienced many lifetimes and probably dealt with most of your karma
  10. You worry about the Earth and its inhabitants. You wonder what is the purpose of all the pain and suffering in the world, why we can’t just get along and treat everybody with respect and love.

Old souls come in all shapes and sizes, big and small, thin and fat, black and white, gay and lesbian.

Old souls don’t feel the need to defend their beliefs. They let go and let be.

Final thoughts

I find soul evolution fascinating. It certainly explains a lot of behavioral traits.

If you are having issues with your personal relationships I recommend you read: 6 Proven Tools to Heal Toxic and Difficult Relationships.

Do you feel that you could understand people’s behavior better if you knew their soul type? Which souls level do you identify with?

Please let me know in the comments below

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    If I am a spiritually awakened person, how can I notice or know that some persons around me are awakened or what is their mind type so on?

    1. Hello Ranjani, you can know if a person resonates with you by the way you feel. You will probably feel a bit off when you are close or talk to someone who is not on the same vibrational level as you are (and that can be someone on a higher or lower vibration as you are). I think you don’t need to know if someone is awakened, just be aware of being with people that feel good when you are around them, whether they are spiritually awakened or not.
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