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The following are my favorite Oracle Cards. I own and love them all for different reasons.

If you want to read which ones are my favorite of all time for beginners please read the 7 Best Oracle Card Decks for Beginners.

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Here are my favorite oracle card decks:


oracle cards ultimate guide

You don’t need to be specially trained or gifted to use and understand oracle cards.

We all have the ability to tune into our inner wisdom to receive guidance.  This 140-page  guide will show you how to gain clarity about an issue and manifest your desires.

This guide makes it easy. Among other things it will show you the steps you have to take to get the best guidance, what to do when you don’t understand your reading, 78 examples of good questions to ask plus 27 spread layouts. Just $5!

Best Oracle Card Decks

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards, by Colette Baron-Reid

This deck contains 52 cards.

The imagery is beautiful and uplifting. I always feel they answer exactly what I asked. Even better, they give me additional information I might not have thought of or directly asked about.

I love reading the booklet that contains the meaning of the cards, not just because I’m looking forward to the detailed answer, but because it contains a lot of motivational and uplifting messages for everyday life. It is very well written and in-depth.

Each card also provides several meanings depending on what you ask:

  1. The essential meaning
  2. The Oracle’s message
  3. A relationship message
  4. A prosperity message
  5. A protection message (for reversed cards)

This is the only card deck that I have seen to have a specific relationship message. It is very useful.

(From the publisher): Colette Baron-Reid has expertly blended elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes, traditional tarot, and other ancient divination tools into a sacred communication system: Wisdom of the Oracle.

Angel Tarot Cards, by Radleigh Valentine

These cards are lovely.

The deck has been made to mirror the traditional tarot (The Major Arcana, The Minor Arcana,  etc.) and contains 78 cards, but is not a traditional tarot deck.

The imagery is very gentle and beautiful to look at. Each card in the Major Arcana features an archangel, for example, Michael or Raziel who is associated with the card’s message.

I use these cards often to complement other decks when I’m asking something I’m concerned about and I need a different point of view.  I like the traditional tarot and these cards offer a beautiful resemblance.

Sometimes, I head first to this deck, depending on what I’m asking and what I intuitively feel guided to do.

Titania’s Fortune Cards, by Titania Hardie

On a whim I bought this deck about 15 years ago in a bookstore in Scotland. I knew nothing about the deck or the author.

Titania’s fortune cards are special. I love their peculiarity; compared to normal tarot decks they are smaller, pictures are unusual (a lighthouse, a fox, a lily, etc.), and there is no writing on the cards; you need to refer to the booklet for explanations.

I enjoy this deck because they are incredibly accurate for me and so different from all the other decks. I get a lot of information in a simple spread and the cards have many meanings depending on which cards lie beside them. That is an approach that I haven’t seen with any other decks.

I recently found this deck in one of our moving boxes and I’m delighted. It is so different to any other deck I own, and it complements the others greatly.

P.S. I own an old edition of this deck. The cards are torn apart from using them so much but they came in great condition along with their guidebook. After reading some recent reviews in Amazon, I’ve noticed that reviewers were talking about a recent edition that doesn’t have great quality. If that is true I think it is a shame since I believe these cards are very good. There are other 5 star reviews that don’t seem to notice or mention their quality for the same edition. Please use your intuition when purchasing. I have still left it on this list because these cards have been very useful to me and I like them a lot. I’m not sure if the quality issues are significant or not.

These cards provide a very different perspective to all my questions.

Ascension Cards (Accelerate Your Journey to the Light), by Diana Cooper

This is another great deck with 52 cards, so different to the others.

Each card provides information about specific ascension energy or Ascended Master, guidance about how to use them and an affirmation to help you assimilate the wisdom. Please note these cards don’t contain images.

Recently I asked about my business and I received the Huna Prayer Card. I loved that, I had forgotten about the Huna Prayer!

I have found many Huna Prayers online and Cooper offers one of those methods. If you want to find what has been said to be the original Huna Prayer and more information about it you can read it this post: 78 Positive Daily Affirmations for Inspiration and Success.

I love the variety of answers this deck provides. You might pull a Huna Prayer first, and next Buddha, or Archangel Retreats.

The guidebook is different from all the other decks I’m recommending. It doesn’t contain any more information about the specific cards because all you need is written on them (as I noted there are no images). However, it contains 76 pages of useful information for your ascension path:

  1. How to use the cards
  2. A note on Ascension
  3. The Angelic Hierarchy
  4. The chakras including the additional 5 (up to 12 chakras as opposed to the traditional 7).
  5. The 12 Rays
  6. Explanations about the Higher ascended masters and the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis
  7. The Crystal Skulls
  8. The Mahatma Energy
  9. The Starts and their impact
  10. Protection exercises
  11. Spiritual Practices for Ascension

These 52 cards provide spiritual wisdom. They are designed to assist those seeking to start their personal ascension path or to accelerate their journey to the light.

Energy Oracle Cards, by Sandra Anne Taylor

This is a great set of cards with very pleasant imagery.

The deck contains 53 cards, and the guidebook contains over 170 pages. It is by far one of the most comprehensive guidebooks I have, it contains:

  1. How to read the cards
  2. How to prepare for the reading
  3. Types of readings
  4.  For each card explanation, it contains an upright meaning, a reversed meaning, and an affirmation.

I use them often and I love them.

Ask your Guides Oracle Cards, by Sonia Choquette

I got this deck about two decades ago. I use it on an off, it depends on what I’m going through, but I always go back to them when I need a straight answer.

These cards are unique for their own reason, straightforward and to the point.

They are ideal for beginners because when I do a reading I’m always certain I will understand the answer.

Some decks leave me feeling I need clarifying cards, or their message is long and convoluted. But this guidebook is short, 53 pages, and totally to the point. There is not much that you need to interpret, and that is a good thing when you are starting out and you are trying to get confident about doing your own readings.

Rumi Oracle: An Invitation into the Heart of the Divine, by Alana Fairchild

Last but certainly not least, this is a mindblowing card deck. I bought it recently. I was planning to write a blog post about Oracle decks  so I had the perfect excuse to buy and try another set (not that I need excuses, but I digress..)

I absolutely love them. The imagery is very unique. I like it and I love the soft colors, but I’m having a bit of trouble deciphering the meaning behind the images. The booklet, however, is pure gold.

It is larger than the normal guidebooks, both in size and length, almost 200 pages. The font is quite small so considering the total amount of explanations, prayers, and exercises it contains I’m sure it equals the size of a full book.

I’m very used to doing card readings for myself, and for the most part they are always spot on. But the first card I pulled from this card was scarily relevant. It was the most significant answer I could have hoped for. I have asked other things and it is just spot on.

Interestingly, I don’t seem to be able to have to choose cards from this deck. There is a card (the answer) that always jumps out while shuffling. This has happened around 80-90% of the readings I have done. It doesn’t happen nearly as often with the other decks.

The real beauty of these cards is that they are very poetic and the writing is beautiful.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet, by John Holland

The Starseed Oracle: A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

Conversations with God Divine Wisdom Cards: An Uncommon Dialogue (Conversations with God Series), by Neale Donald Walsch

Ask And It Is Given Cards: A 60-Card Deck plus Dear Friends card, by Esther Hicks

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