Learn how to choose, ask, and read the cards

You don’t need to be specially trained or gifted to use and understand oracle cards.

We all have the ability to tune into our inner wisdom to receive guidance.  This 125-page  guide will show you how to gain clarity about an issue and manifest your desires.

This guide makes it easy. Among other things it will show you the steps you have to take to get the best guidance, what to do when you don’t understand your reading, 78 examples of good questions to ask plus 27 spread layouts. Just $5!

Receive answers to your most pressing questions:

Find answers in these 27 spreads:

  • 2020 Guidance (or looking ahead to a significant specific period in your life)
  • Decision-making spread
  • Protection spread
  • Life purpose spread
  • Finding abundance spread
  • Career change spread (x2, when you know what you want your new career to be and when you are trying to figure it out)
  • Purpose of a relationship spread
  • Stay or walk away (love or friend relationship) spread
  • Family Feud spread
  • Soul mate spread
  • New love spread
  • Stress and sadness relief spread
  • How to release fear
  • Weight loss spread
  • Sel-care spread
  • Mindfulness spread
  • Healing trauma spread
  • My spiritual evolution spread
  • Embracing change spread
  • Contacting a deceased loved one (or your guides and angels)
  • Past life reading
  • Heal a repeating issue or lesson
  • What do you want me to know today spread
  • The Celtic Cross Spread
  • 3-card spreads 

What You Will Learn

  1. How to select the perfect oracle card deck for you and our top recommendations
  2. Steps to follow in order to receive the best and most accurate guidance (Setting up your reading space, preparing the deck, and yourself). Example prayers.
  3. 78 examples of questions to ask (about manifesting abundance and career, love and relationships, self-care and healing, spirituality and self-growth)
  4. 27 Spreads (per above)
  5. How to handle decision questions: Should I take Path A or B?
  6. 8 Type of questions to avoid
  7. How to shuffle and choose your cards
  8. How to interpret your reading
  9. Numerology in Oracle readings
  10. 10 Steps you can take when you don’t understand your reading
  11. Learn how you are in control of your destiny
  12. Bonus chapter: 8 Ways you can also ask the universe for help

About the author: Roser Segarra

Roser loves reading, writing, and sharing everything she has learned to help others transform their lives. She is a Reiki Master and has attended numerous workshops and courses on new age and personal development topics. She has also spent two decades in the corporate accounting world, has a degree in Economics and Business Management, and is a Chartered Management Accountant.
Living on Earth: A Guide To Help You Achieve Health, Happiness, and Success and The Ultimate Guide to Oracle Cards are the culmination of over two decades of reading, research, and life experiences.

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    1. Hi Tracy. I’m very sorry about this. I have tried the two links on this page and they seem to work for me, maybe it was a temporary glitch. Please try this link It will take you to the payment/eBook page ( With cell phone the pay button is at the end of the page) Thank you! Please let me know if you have any more issues

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