4 Steps to Find Your Life Purpose

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How to find your life purpose

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What is your life purpose?

02 Death is not the greatest loss in life the greatest loss is what lies inside us while we live Norman Cousins

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. — Norman Cousins

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Do you ever wonder what is your life purpose and how to find it?

Are you stuck in a job you dislike? 

I have been stuck for years, and it is not a nice place to be.

A Gallop survey found that only 15% of workers feel engaged in their jobs. The report states that many people in the world hate their job and especially their boss.

The law of dharma, or purpose in life, says that we have come to Earth to fulfill a purpose. We all have a unique talent and a reason for being here.

Finding and creating our life purpose will bring the highest amount of joy and abundance we have ever dreamed of.

However, we usually come up with two roadblocks:

1. We are not sure what our purpose is (this post will show you how to unlock that).

2. We know what it is, but we lack the funds (and sometimes the courage) to pursue it. Please read 20 Proven Tools to Manifest Your Dreams Fast if that is the case.

Your success will be directly proportional to the amount of joy and passion you experience on a daily basis. 

There is always something that comes easily to us.  We don’t have to make up our life purpose, we are born with it, it is always there ready to be fully awakened.

We need to do what we feel inspired to do, whatever motivates us. People who experience the highest amount of job satisfaction are those who approach their work as a calling; they don’t work merely for money or status. Please read on to find out why.

But before we go ahead finding our purpose, let’s take a look first at a few myths, or better said, what you haven’t been told about finding your life purpose:

What you haven't been told about finding your life purpose

1. You don't have to make a living straight away with your life purpose, or passion

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You don’t have to make a living straight away with our passion; what is essential is that you begin to move in the direction of it.

Also, bear in mind that some things that bring you great joy may not necessarily have a direct correlation with your life’s purpose, but these may be tasks that bring you closer to finding and achieving your purpose.

For example, you might love being in nature or cooking because it puts you in the right mood and de-stresses you, and this state of relaxation provides you with ideas for the blog or book you are working on.

Don’t underestimate how important it is to have playtime and rest in your life. 

Whether it is to cook, exercise, watch a movie or take a bath – if it brings you joy it is because your higher self sees the task as a worthwhile endeavor, and is bringing forth the emotion of joy to help you recognize it as such.

2. Your life purpose doesn't have to be one thing

Your life purpose doesn’t have to be one thing and the same thing throughout your live. You can have multiple passions, and these passions can change depending on your soul evolution while on Earth as well as on our changing circumstances.

You have free will, and so does everybody around us. You might have planned to be in some part of the world in your thirties, but for whatever reason you postpone the idea or you completely abandon it.

Don’t worry about finding your purpose straight away or getting answers quickly. As we saw earlier, one single thing, like cooking, or taking a bath, might lead to many other things or ideas.

This brings me to the 3rd point, about timing:

3. There is divine timing in everything we do

Sometimes in our pre-birth planning sessions we don’t set ourselves to find our purpose and fully work on it until we are forty, fifty, or older. That’s because we might not be ready to fulfill it before that time.

So while you are in your twenties worrying that you don’t know what to do, or that you have chosen the incorrect job, career, or college course, please know that you might be exactly where you need to be for that time in your life.

Perhaps you decided to have children first, take care of them, and then pursue other interests.

The most important thing is to listen to your higher self and follow the promptings it gives you to find the highest amount of joy at every moment. If what you’re doing fills you with joy, then whatever you’re doing is your purpose at that time.

If you follow the inner path using truth and clarity as your compass points, the outer world cannot help but respond to your intention. Deepak Chopra

If you follow the inner path using truth and clarity as your compass points, the outer world cannot help but respond to your intention. — Deepak Chopra

It might sound simplistic but it is really that simple.

What else is more important that being happy and at peace with what we are doing with our lives? (Now, of course, it is equally important to be healthy, to have fulfilling relationships, etc, but once we start taking care of our core mission and reason for being, many times other things begin to fall into place too). 

When I was ready to go to University I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

A lot of people in my class had no idea which way to go either, and we were all being told different things:

    • “A bad course choice could ruin your life.”
    • “There are no good job opportunities for that type of course.”
    • “That type of career doesn’t pay well.”
    • “Your mom or dad prefers if you become a ….”
    • “You are too intelligent to choose to be a ….”
    • “You should aim for this or that university, with this or that type of degree.”

General claims about “best remunerated,” “best job prospects,” or “best social status” don’t mean much.

Our soul cares about us following our life plan, our dreams and passions, releasing and clearing our karma, and evolving in the process – not about ego driven attributes.

We cannot “ruin” our lives with a decision we made because we can always pick up from where we are, at any given moment. Actually, I can’t think of any action that could make us ruin our lives.

The fact that we are imperfect, and we make less than perfect decisions, is a given; we wouldn’t be here if we were perfect. We are bound to make many mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

We all create our future with our thoughts and actions in the now.

Please remember that sometimes our closest friends and family are just projecting their own experiences, fears, and limitations, and it has nothing to do with our ability to create the life we want.

Despite our upbringing, circumstances, and financial background, we all have the same energy potential as everyone else.


Nido Qubein, businessman, motivational speaker, and author says:  

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.

Divine timing might mean that your time is now, and not decades ago.

Don’t dwell on what you could have done and didn’t, how you should have spent your money, or what you should or should not have studied. Do it now, or let it go, but let go of drama and move forward.

Living in regret and guilt is one of the most wasteful and unproductive activities we can engage in.

Steps to find your life purpose

1. Listen to your intuition, or higher self

If you don't get it from yourself, where will you go for it? Buddha

If you don’t get it from yourself, where will you go for it? — Buddha

Our higher self already knows what our purpose is, and knows the appropriate actions, thoughts, and synchronistic events that are right for us.

Our higher self is constantly sending us impulses to move toward them, via our emotions.

When we move in the right direction, our higher self is sending us feelings of excitement and joy.

This is what it means to follow our intuition, and it’s the reason so many books say that to find our purpose we need to follow our bliss or heart – it is because our soul’s wisdom (our higher self) knows its way.

Our higher self knows what is in our heart, our mind, and our vibration at any point in time; it knows how close or how far we are, vibrationally, from all things.

Your intuition will also guide you to understand your life purpose and lessons.

If you are happy staying at home with your kids (without doing another type of financially remunerated work, that is your purpose now and probably for years to come.

Don’t equate purpose purely with financial gain. You are still working and fulfilling your purpose.

If you ask your intuition a question, you will receive the answer in many ways:

• Primarily, via your emotions. This can be a hunch to go somewhere, to do or not do a specific task. Your gut instinct is usually all you need.

• Through visual images in your mind.

• Through sound, like when getting in the car and suddenly hearing a song with specific meaningful lyrics.

Your guides and angels might also assist in providing an answer, bringing people and situations to our life through synchronistic events. Make sure to ask them for help and follow up on their guidance.

2. Get clarity

Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks inside, awakens. — Carl Jung

Getting clarity will help you toward finding your purpose. You might be able to start by eliminating bothersome life issues that are clogging your ability to see what is in store for you.

Here are some questions to help you get clarity about what you want:

1. What is bothering you the most at this moment in time? Is it your health, your job, lack of self-esteem, or being lonely?

Once you start dealing with these items, you might be able to concentrate on finding your purpose. Dealing with your biggest issues will clear the path; otherwise, you will be too preoccupied with them.

2. What did you desire to be or do as a child?

Children are closer to their soul energy and they don’t question it, so our childhood dreams often provide us with the best clues. Did you enjoy dancing more than anything else?

Even symbolic things might give you a clue. For example, if all you wanted to do was to climb mountains, you might thrive in an environmental job or as a forest ranger. Try to remember what you were doing when you experienced the greatest joy in your life.

3. What comes easily to you? What are you good at?

4. What would make you happy right now? What lifestyle change could you make to give you more happiness or peace of mind now? What changes do you need to make to achieve this?

5. What would you like to have more of or completely eliminate?

6. In the longer term, what’s the one thing you would love to do before you die?

7. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? (Sidetracking a bit here, I like this suggestion but take it with a pinch of salt.  It could also be argued that you need to follow your passion regardless of “failing” or not. Everybody has a different definition of success.

For me, success is being happy and content with what I do on a daily basis. I don’t see how the outcome of that could be a failure, even if what I’m writing or doing doesn’t get read or is not “worldly success.”

The process of doing it made me happy and that could be said to be the biggest success. The reason why I like this #7 suggestion (of doing something if you knew you couldn’t fail) is because sometimes we are terrified of doing things in case we are perceived to be failed at it. So knowing you are going to succeed gives you the courage to pursue it. 

Also, I love Leo Babauta’s (from Zen Habits) approach to finding your life purpose. He says the most important thing is to learn to get outside your personal bubble. I totally agree with that; sometimes we are too comfortable in our routines and it is just easier to stay where we are than to make any moves.

3. Find Your Purpose through Volunteering

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention Oscar Wilde

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. —Oscar Wilde

This is not a required step; however, you might find volunteering helps you realize your life has meaning and that you can add a lot of value to the lives of others.

You will likely meet up with like-minded individuals with whom you can connect and share ideas. They might inspire you to understand your next step.

Volunteering can be a fantastic tool to help you feel better and help others in the process.

4. Take daily steps to feel better, set your goals, and do more things that bring you joy

Ultimately, setting your goals will help you gain clarity and focus on what is important and what you want to achieve in your life.

Sometimes reading motivational, personal development, and self-help books can help tremendously. Reading is my passion and I get so much comfort from books. I also love to listen to guided meditations.

There are numerous guided meditations that can help you.

I have found a great free meditation in YouTube that moved me to tears. I was not sad but overwhelmed with the love I felt from my guide.

I have done hundreds of guided meditations but this time when I connected with my guide it was extra special.

The meditation is called Find your Life Purpose Guided Meditation, by The Honest Guys.

Find Your Purpose Meditation

Set time aside to think about your life purpose

Why worry? what is meant for you will always find you quote Lalleshwari, Indian Poet Saint

Why worry? What is meant for you will always find you. —Lalleshwari, Indian Poet-saint

If you are not happy with the direction your life is going please take some time aside to think about your purpose. Also please remember:

– You might have multiple passions that can change over time.

– You might not need to know what your life purpose is just now, but you can still work on yourself, heal difficult relationships, and feel much better in the process. Sometimes our inner work has to come first before a new way is manifested.

– You must listen to your intuition.

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