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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

—Mahatma Gandhi

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You are here because I’m guessing you love awesome spiritual books. So do I!

Spiritual books have helped me to no end; it is difficult to capture properly in words their impact in my life.

Market Research writes that the U.S. self-improvement market was worth a staggering $9.9 billion in 2016, out of which self-improvement books represent $800 million market. It is an outstanding number. 

People want to understand their spiritual nature, they want to know how to resolve their issues, and overall they want to improve their lives.

My spiritual journey started in my teens. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I wanted to feel better. I lacked confidence and I was troubled by earlier childhood bullying.

I longed to understand the bigger meaning in life, I felt there was more to it than just our bodies, but what was it?

Fast forward almost three decades I have read hundreds of spiritual and self-help books, and I have published one too. It is called Living On Earth: A Guide to help you achieve health, happiness, and success.

Living on Earth summarizes and reviews mind-body-spirit concepts, providing over 50 book recommendations and setting out a clear path to health, happiness, and success. 

If you wish to have a lot more book recommendations and learn how to manifest your dreams check out Living on Earth

What is the best spiritual self-help book?

books old with stars on pages

It is difficult to single out one best spiritual book primarily because our issues and needs change as we grow older and go through different challenges in our lives; we will need different books at different times.

Having said that, all the books outlined in this post are certainly classics that can be read at any time. 

They are worth their weight in gold. 

Best 17 Spiritual Books Of All Time

1. Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

This is the first book in this post, and truly one of the best, if not the best spiritual book.

I have listed this book also in my article 21 life-changing books that transformed my life because it truly changed my life. This is the review I wrote:

I first read Conversations With God (CWG) Book 1 about 18 years ago, and I loved it.

About eight years ago I went through a difficult phase in my life and CWG kept coming up in my mind. I then decided to reread it. This second time it was even more amazing than I remembered. It helped me tremendously.

I felt that I wasn’t alone and that God was really listening. It gave me a lot of comfort.

I also enjoyed reading CWG books 2 and 3, but my favorite of all three is the first one. It must have taken a lot of courage to write a book like this one. I’m very grateful to the author for stepping forward with this information.

From the same author, I also loved Home With God.

This book is such a blessing to the world. I have read several times, and to this day I still refer to it. 

2. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is the first spiritual novel I read in my late teens and made a significant impact on my life.

It is a simple but profound tale about following our dreams; who doesn’t have a dream they want to come true?

A shepherd boy from Andalusia sets on an adventure through the African desert to find a treasure he has repeatedly been dreaming about.

It is during his journey that you will find many valuable spiritual and life lessons.

The Alchemist has sold 65 million copies and has been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 315 weeks. Those are some outstanding sales! It has also been translated into 80 different languages, setting the Guinness World Record for the most translated book by any living author.

Just amazing. A wonderful book.

One of my favorite quotes from Paulo Coelho is:

It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

3. Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton

The information in Journey of Souls was life-changing for me.

It totally changed how I viewed life; I was finally able to start healing from my emotional wounds.

Michael Newton, Ph.D., provides one of the most comprehensively researched sources of information I have found on reincarnation, what happens to us when we die, what transpires between lives, and how we planned several details of our future reincarnation on Earth.

He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries of life after death using hypnotherapy regression techniques.

Dr. Newton discovered that many of his patients were able to recall past-life memories as well as the planning time spent between reincarnations.

With the help of his patients, Dr. Newton has documented in detail all the stages of death and birth.

This is one of those books that will have a long impact on you.

I also loved his follow up book: Destiny of Souls.

4. Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Living With Joy is beautifully written, so inspiring and uplifting.

It was published over 20 years ago yet it is so current (it was updated in 2012). These teachings will never age.

I have read it a few times, and every single time I get something different from it.

In this book you will learn a myriad of things, such as how to gain self-respect and self-esteem, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your relationships, and how to listen to your intuition.

There are useful exercises at the end of each chapter and over 300 joy affirmations. I love opening a random page and seeing what is in there.

Another great book to transform your life. Pure wisdom.

5. The Healing Power of Mind, by Tulku Thondup

The Healing Power of Mind is another wonderful book.

Our mind is an incredible tool to help us heal and feel better.

This book includes the foundations of healing, breathing, visualization, and healing meditations.

I have done some of the visualizations and found them to be very useful. They are very easy to follow, and there are so many to choose from.

I particularly like the visualizations for letting go of sadness and the exercise to focus the scattered mind. I feel at peace after reading and applying the exercises.

This is a powerful book, I highly recommend it.

6. A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, by Diana Cooper

A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws is a must-have book to understand all the spiritual laws which govern life on Earth. 

It teaches you the material aspects of living on Earth such as how you can achieve happiness, prosperity, and success in an easy and simple to understand format, while also understanding other spiritual concepts such as the laws of karma, discrimination, and responsibility, which go hand in hand.

This book sheds light on universal truths and contains numerous true stories that are uplifting and support the teachings of the book.

A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws contains 36 Laws split in 4 sections:

  1. The Basic Laws of Life
  2. The Laws of Creation
  3. The Laws of Higher Awareness
  4. The Laws of Higher Frequency

A must-have, wonderful book.

7. The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabby Bernstein

This is the first book I have read of Gabrielle Bernstein I have really enjoyed it. 

What I liked the most is the reminder to ask for help and know that the universe will deliver an answer. Sometimes we despair because we feel lonely and that nobody is listening to our prayers (let alone answering them). But this is never the case. 

I enjoyed the prayers and examples.

This is a great spiritual book, a realization that we are much more than random humans living on Earth. The Universe does have your back, and she will show you how. 

This is a lovely video review by Journey with Jenney of the Universe Has Your Back

8. Emmanuel's Book, by Pat Rodegast

I enjoy channeled materials as I usually find them to be the most enlightened work.

Emmanuel speaks to us through Pat Rodegast and shares his wisdom, love for humanity, and insights into all aspects of life.

Emmanuel’s Book is written in a Q&A format, and it answers many life questions, such as who was Jesus Christ, what is the purpose of reincarnation, how not to become embittered by painful circumstances, and much more.

After reading it I felt very inspired, protected, and loved. It is such a beautiful read.

This book gives me so much comfort. Along with Conversations With God it is one of my favorite books of all times. When I’m wondering about a specific problem I open a page at random. It always helps.

From the book:

The gifts I wish to give you are my deepest love, the safety of truth, the wisdom of the Universe, and the reality of God. With these four things, nothing will deter you. You will follow your hearts swiftly to your destination, which is Home.

9. A New Light On Angels, by Diana Cooper

I love all the work Diana Cooper does. I have been to one of her workshops, and I have read most of her books. She is a wonderful spiritual teacher. I have learned so much from her books.

I recommend all her work, but specifically A New Light on Angels and A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws.

A New Light on Angels was the first angel book that I bought, probably around 22 years ago (at the time it was called A Little Light on Angels).

This book teaches about angels and the fact that they are willing to help us whether we believe in them or not; all we have to do is ask.

It was a game-changer for me because when I started asking for help and saw results almost immediately.

Cooper also includes studies and stories from those who were helped by the angels, and instructions for meditations and prayers.

10. The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy, a first-person narrative of spiritual awakening, explains how the world is undergoing a shift in consciousness and the emergency of New Age Spirituality.

The story relates a man’s journey to Peru to track down an ancient manuscript that contains nine insights.
Those insights are the gems of the book.

Regardless of how much spiritual and new-age information you have read in the past, this book is a beautiful awakening to spirituality with mystical experiences.

A great spiritual novel for your library.

11. You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

You can Heal your Life was originally published in 1984, since then it has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. I read it at the end of my high school years and it blew me away.

She introduced me to the concept that we choose our family and that our experiences are not as random as we might think they are. I felt really empowered after reading it.

You Can Heal Your Life contains many exercises and affirmations to heal your life in every aspect: resentments, physical issues, etc.

The only thing that I don’t fully agree on is that all of our illnesses are caused by emotional issues, and by working on those issues the illness goes away.

It is clear and proven by many other authors and researches that there is a clear link between emotions and illness (think about how sick you become when you are under stressful situations or agonizing over an issue), but I don’t believe it is the only reason why we become sick.

I have learned that there are actually 5 different reasons why we might be sick, and emotional issues are just one of them.

The reason why this book is one of the best spiritual books of all time is because it truly changed my life and it was a catalyst for many positive changes in my life. The information, exercises, and affirmations contained in it are priceless.

I loved it.

The following is a great video that summarizes really well Louise Hay’s 10 rules for success. I loved it and goes well with her book, You Can Heal Your Life which we just reviewed.

12. Creating Money, by Sanaya Roman

This book is another gem I found many years ago.

Creating Money will teach you advanced manifesting techniques, how to use magnetism to attract clients, people and things you want, and the spiritual laws of abundance.

You will also find several wonderful exercises to discover what you want, follow your inner guidance, and allow success among many others. It has a specific chapter about coming out of survival.

Creating Money doesn’t just teach you about attracting money, you can also attract wonderful relationships or the career you want.

This book concentrates on the energy aspect of manifesting which is usually ignored but is vital for success.

13. Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss

After reading the work of Dr. Newton (Book #3 in this article, Journey of Souls), I became very interested in the subject of reincarnation, and I found that one of the pioneers of this work is Dr. Brian Weiss.

Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

In Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss explains his astonishment when one of his patients began to recall past life traumas. During one hypnosis session, his client introduced spirit guides who had been her soul therapists between lives.

Dr. Weiss explains that bumping into these past-life traumas opened a can of worms for him because he didn’t want to feel ridiculed by his peers; however, he felt he needed to share the message with the world. Dr. Weiss was Chief of Psychiatry and had already published 37 scientific papers and book chapters in his field.

He said that it took him four years to write about what happened, to garner the courage to take the professional risk of revealing this unorthodox information.

In his own words (Many Lives Many Masters, Fireside, 1998. Preface) :

I knew that no possible consequence I might face could prove to be as devastating as not sharing the knowledge I had gained about immortality and the true meaning of life.

Since writing Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss has also published several more books on the subject of reincarnation and life after death.

14. Keepers of the Garden, by Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and a hypnotherapist.
All the information in her books come from interviews and conversations she had with people under hypnosis.
This book relates the story of a man who turns to her for help because he is very depressed and suicidal.
Through past life regression sessions, he discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other lives were in alien worlds and in other dimensions.
The transcripts from the sessions are amazing. I remember I could not put it down. His case reveals the motives behind the involvement between UFOs and humans.
Although it might be his first time on Earth, this book will leave you with no doubts as to the existence of other worlds, universes, and dimensions.
We are so much more than our human bodies.
A great resource for your library.

15. Light Up Your Life, by Diana Cooper

This is one of the first books I bought by this author, about two decades ago, and I loved it. It had a profound effect on me. 

Cooper takes you through general spiritual and new age principles, starting straight to the point with Chapter 1: We Create Our Lives.

From then on she explains some of the spiritual laws, the healing power of forgiveness, releasing negative ties, etc. 

I love all of Diana Cooper’s books. A gem. 

FYI. I have found two versions of this book depending if it is an ebook or a paperback. I have I checked their contents and they are identical to the one I have on my desk.

You can find the ebook and paperback versions in the following links:

16. Ask and It is Given, by Esther Hicks

I own many books by this author. I love them all, but this is the first one I bought, and I think it is the best.

Ask and It Is Given sounds a little bit like pie in the sky type of New Age promise, but this book is incredible.

The first twenty chapters (Part I) give you an introduction to what the teachings of Abraham are, the importance of feeling good, how our thoughts influence everything around us (and how to pick better feeling thoughts), and explains really well the Law of Attraction.

Part II of this book contains 22 processes (exercises and tools) to help you get what you want and feel great in the waiting process.

Another great spiritual gem. I love it.

17. Your Soul's Plan, By Robert Schwartz

Your Soul’s Plan is a very thought-provoking read. 

As difficult as it might be to believe, there is order in this universe, and things happen for a reason. Your higher self has a plan that you might not be consciously aware of.

Your Soul’s Plan explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our most significant challenges before we’re born for our spiritual growth and soul healing.

The information about their pre-birth plans was obtained by four gifted mediums and channels. Your Soul’s Plan presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when they planned their lives together.

I hope you read this book with an open mind and an open heart. It can bring incredible blessings to your life.

I also highly recommend Schwartz’s follow up book Your Soul’s Gift.

Well, that’s it!

The Best Spiritual Books of All Time.

I have read many other wonderful books that you can find in our Book Reviews Page

Do you have an all-time favorite spiritual book?

Please share it below, I love to hear about life-changing spiritual and self-help books!

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