11 Best Reincarnation Books of All Time

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Past Lives and Reincarnation Books

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I find all reincarnation and past lives books to be fascinating and life-changing.

In my teens I developed a huge passion for reading books, particularly self-help, new age, spirituality, and personal development books— any books in the mind-body-spirit section in the bookstores.

Reincarnation books, in particular, have transformed my life. And I don’t say that lightly.

They have provided a completely different perspective on my life challenges and in some cases how to overcome them.

In this post, I’m recommending the best reincarnation books that have made the most significant impact on my life and the reasons why.

If you are interested in reincarnation, soul contracts, and past lives the category reincarnation and your soul journey in this blog provides many posts that explain reincarnation and our soul journey at length.

Specifically, you might want to start reading Reincarnation: The 7 Stages of Death and Birth.

Without further ado, these are my top best reincarnation books of all time.

Best 11 Reincarnation Books of All Time

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1. Keepers of the Garden, by Dolores Cannon

keepers of the Garden dolores cannon
Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and a hypnotherapist.
All the information in her books come from interviews and conversations she had with people under hypnosis.
I love all her work, but this is the first book that I read from her and may I say I was hooked!
This book relates the story of a man who turns to her for help because he is very depressed and suicidal.
Through past life regression sessions, he discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other lives were in alien worlds and in other dimensions.
The transcripts from the sessions are amazing. I remember I could not put it down. His case reveals the motives behind the involvement between UFOs and humans.
Although it might be his first time on Earth, this book will leave you with no doubts as to the existence of other worlds, universes, and dimensions.
We are so much more than our human bodies and reincarnation, in many planets including Earth, is real.
A great resource for your library.

2. Your Soul’s Plan, by Robert Schwartz

Your Soul's plan book cover

Your Soul’s Plan is a very thought-provoking read.

As difficult as it might be to believe, there is order in this universe, and things happen for a reason. Your higher self has a plan that you might not be consciously aware of.

Your Soul’s Plan explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our most significant challenges before we’re born for our spiritual growth and soul healing.

The information about their pre-birth plans was obtained by four gifted mediums and channels.

Your Soul’s Plan presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when they planned their lives together.

I hope you read this book with an open mind and an open heart. It can bring incredible blessings to your life.

I also highly recommend Schwartz’s follow up book Your Soul’s Gift.

3. Your Soul’s Gift, by Robert Schwartz

Your soul's gift book cover by Robert Schwartz

Your soul’s gift is the sequel book from Your Soul’s Plan, although you can read it before Your Soul’s Plan.

In this book Schwartz provides the stories of people who have suffered poverty, suicide, and abortion among other topics.

Words can not describe the peace I felt when I finally understood there is a bigger plan for all of us on Earth than what I could have ever imagined.

It is a comforting book, and it gave me my power back.

It was depressing to think that all my life experiences were random and I was the victim of fate, not so!

This book will show you that any suffering you might have gone through is not meaningless.

4. A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records, by Melissa Feick

A radical approach to the Akashic records by Melissa Feick
This is much more than just a reincarnation book, but I wanted to include it in this post.
The Akashic Records is an ethereal system that acts as a storehouse of all information pertaining to our soul evolution on Earth.
The Hall of the Akashic Records is similar to an Earth library, but it is not physical. 
In this hall there is an equivalent of a book that contains a record of everything our soul has experienced and the lives we have lived:
  • A record of each life
  • All our accomplishments and unfinished life lessons
  • Our spiritual growth, talents, and abilities built over all our lifetimes
  • A record of all our potentials to come
This book will teach you how to live your life more consciously, learn meditations and exercises to read and heal the Akashic Records for yourself and others,  and so much more.
This book is packed with information that can change your life.
Another great resource for your library.

5. Many Lives Many Masters, by Brian Weiss

Mnay lives many masters book cover, by Brian Weiss

After reading the work of Dr. Newton (Books #7 and #8 in this article), I became very interested in the subject of reincarnation, and I found that one of the pioneers of this work is Dr. Brian Weiss.

Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

In Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss explains his astonishment when one of his patients began to recall past life traumas. During one hypnosis session, his client introduced spirit guides who had been her soul therapists between lives.

Dr. Weiss explains that bumping into these past-life traumas opened a can of worms for him because he didn’t want to feel ridiculed by his peers; however, he felt he needed to share the message with the world.

Dr. Weiss was Chief of Psychiatry and had already published 37 scientific papers and book chapters in his field.

He said that it took him four years to write about what happened, to garner the courage to take the professional risk of revealing this unorthodox information.

In his own words (Many Lives Many Masters, Fireside, 1998. Preface) :

I knew that no possible consequence I might face could prove to be as devastating as not sharing the knowledge I had gained about immortality and the true meaning of life.

Since writing Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss has also published several more books on the subject of reincarnation and life after death.

6. Exploring the Eternal Soul, by Andy Tomlinson

Exploring the eternal soul book cover by Andy Tomlinson
This book is another gem.
Tomlinson compiles the information that 15 people —under deep hypnosis — provide about dying, what transpires between lives at the other side of the veil, and their reincarnation.
Andy Tomlinson is a registered psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and is certified in Regression Therapy and Spiritual Regression.
He is the Director of Training for the Past Life Regression Academy and trains, lectures and gives talks internationally on past lives and the soul memories between them.
Tomlinson also writes about soul groups, healing from trauma, karma, spirit guides reviews, and much more.
This book is excellent to understand our reincarnation process.

7. Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton

journey of souls book cover

The information in Journey of Souls was life-changing for me. It totally changed how I viewed life; I was finally able to start healing from my emotional wounds.

Michael Newton, Ph.D., provides one of the most comprehensively researched sources of information I have found on reincarnation, what happens to us when we die, what transpires between lives, and how we planned several details of our future reincarnation on Earth.

He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries of life after death using hypnotherapy regression techniques.

Dr. Newton discovered that many of his patients were able to recall past-life memories as well as the planning time spent between reincarnations.

With the help of his patients, Dr. Newton has documented in detail all the stages of death and birth.

This is one of those books that will stay with you forever.

8. Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton

Destiny of souls book cover
This book is a sequel from Journey of Souls.
I would recommend you read first Journey of Souls and then this one, but don’t miss it, it provides a large amount of new information and revelations.
Among other things, Newton subjects recall, under hypnosis, what their subjects did between lives (death and rebirth).
He speaks about our soul purpose, why we chose to reincarnate over and over to learn specific lessons, he investigates the nonhuman manifestations of elves, fairies and ghosts! and so much more.
Really interesting, I read it in two settings.

9. Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God book cover, by Neale Donald Walsch

I first read Conversations With God Book 1 (CWG) about 18 years ago, and I loved it.

About eight years ago I went through a difficult phase in my life and CWG kept coming up in my mind. I then decided to reread it.

This second time it was even more amazing than I remembered. It helped me tremendously.

I felt that I wasn’t alone and that God was really listening. It gave me a lot of comfort.

I also enjoyed reading CWG books 2 and 3, but my favorite of all three is the first one.

It must have taken a lot of courage to write a book like this one. I’m very grateful to the author for stepping forward with this information.

This book doesn’t talk only about reincarnation, but it a brilliant book that provides many insights into our journey as a soul. 

From the same author, I also loved Home With God. This book is such a blessing to the world.

10. Children Who Remember Previous Lives, by Ian Stevenson 

Children who remember previous lives by Ian Stevenson

If after reading any of the books listed above you still doubt that reincarnation can be real, please read this book.

There are many cases of children and adults that recall past lives, particularly under hypnosis.

Smaller children tend to recall them much more easily without any prompting from an adult or needing to be under hypnosis. They just remember.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, dedicated most of his career to finding evidence of reincarnation.

Stevenson details the research methods he used. It can be a bit clinical but the examples are fascinating.

Stevenson is also the author of Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect and Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.

Another great read.

11. Same Souls, Many Bodies

Same soul many bodies book cover

This is another amazing book by Brian Weiss.

Weiss details dozens of case histories of past-lives and future life experiences and demonstrates the therapeutic benefits of progression therapy.

Another great reminder of our immortality.

Reincarnation Stories

If you have some spare time I recommend you watch this awesome video: These Children Remember Their Past Lives 

For more amazing books, check out our Book Reviews Page.

Do you have a favorite reincarnation book that I have not listed? Please let me know in the comments below.

I love to hear about a great book!

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