Best Meditation Music

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My meditation practice has considerably grown over the years. The more I meditate the better my life gets, no doubt about it. 

I have listed two types of guided meditation music, free and paid.

There are both equally good. I often like the paid ones better because they are more tailored to my needs, for example, I can purchase a meditation specifically to improve my abundance or psychic skills.

However, I also love the free channels I’m recommending below and there are many more wonderful free meditations on YouTube. 

You don’t need to spend any money to practice meditation successfully, but the paid music has also done wonders for my health and well-being so I’m including them on this page.

Free Meditation Music

There are a lot of free YouTube channels that offer great meditations. 

The first channel I recommend is Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music.

There are many excellent meditations provided by this channel. I particularly enjoyed  the Surrender meditation and Releasing Negative Thoughts Spoken Affirmations for a peaceful, calm positive mind

Surrender Meditation | A Spoken Guided Visualization

Releasing Negative Thoughts Spoken Affirmations for a peaceful, calm positive mind

My favorite meditation from The Honest Guys channel is Find Your Life Purpose.

This meditation moved me to tears.

I have done hundreds of guided meditations but this time when I connected with my guide it was extra special.

If you want more information about finding your life purpose you might enjoy reading:

Find Your Life Purpose Guided Meditation

My favorite meditation from Live the Life You love channel is Manifest Your Goal in 10 Minutes. Very short, to the point, and powerful. 

Visualization is a well-known tool for successful manifestation. You can read all about it in this post:

Manifest Your Goal in 10 Minutes Guided Meditation

My favorite meditation from Manifestation Pathways channel is How to Visualize What You Want (and get it)

How to Visualize What You Want and Get It

My favorite meditation from Your Youniverse is Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation.  

If you want to know my favorite Spiritual Awakening Books check out this post:

Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation

1) Diana Cooper Meditation Music

I have followed Diana’s work for years and I love it.

I have read most of her books, and have listened to some of her meditation albums.

The album that has made the biggest difference in my life is: The Unicorn meditation

I felt really good the first time I listened to it, over 8 years ago. The same week I bought it I listened to it several times and it was just a wonderful feeling. It got better and better.

I come back to it often. I’m now again in 2020 feeling like I really need it frequently, so I’m enjoying it once again. I have lost count of the number of times over the years that I have listened to it. 

The CD contains 10 tracks and two main meditations. She also explains what are unicorns, etc. 

I did not expect to hear the name of my unicorn but I did. Just wonderful.

The reason I become aware of Sanaya Roman’s music is because I had read a couple of her books and I loved them. (21 Books that Changed My Life Forever).

I went to her website ( and I was blown away but the number of guided meditations and courses she had available. 

My first purchase was in 2011. I bought Opening to Channel: Connecting with Your Guides audio course. It is a course, but in guided meditation format so I have put it on this page.

Since then I have bought 12 more courses/individual music downloads. 

Example of courses:

  • Becoming a writer
  • Discovering your Life purpose
  • Creating your ideal body

She has several single music downloads (not courses) which are excellent too. I haven’t bought them all, but the following are some examples:

  • Handling anxiety and fear
  • Creating money
  • Loving to exercise
  • Attracting your soul mate

More meditation music

I will keep updating this page as I find more meditation music that I love. 

Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite meditation music. I would love to try it out

If you found this resources page useful please share it with others so that they might be helped too. Thank you!