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Best Self-Care and Alternative Therapies Books

I’m a Reiki Master and I particularly enjoy reading energy healing books.

In this page I have split self-care and holistic healing books in 4 categories:

  1. Holistic and Energy Healing Books
  2. Best Meditation, Mindfulness, and Zen Buddhism Books
  3. Best Health, Diets, and Dieting Books
  4. Best Stress Management, Anxiety, Fear, and General Self-Help Books

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PLEASE NOTE THE CONTENT OF THIS PAGE IS IN PROGRESS – we have more books and reviews to add.


Cutting the Ties that Bind, by Phyllis Krystal

Cutting the Ties That Bind will help you learn a technique to cut the undesirable cords that tie you to difficult, controlling relationships, regardless of whether you are suffering them now or have suffered them in the past.

Cords are emotional strands of energy that form regardless of time or space. When we consistently direct our thoughts and energy to a particular person, place, or thing, we begin to establish an energetic cord connecting us to that object or person.

We create energy cords when we make conscious or subconscious vows, contracts, or promises with other people.

Cords can be formed quickly when we become dependent on people. Healthy cords create a nurturing sharing of information and energy; for example, the cords created between mothers and their young children. Unhealthy cords can be formed for example, when marrying for money, or out of loneliness and insecurity.

You can cut the cords to your husband or wife and still be married (or friends). You might want to cut the unhealthy, controlling, interdependent behavior if that is something you think is an issue for you.

Cords can be very draining. You might be divorced (separated) physically but not energetically, and it will benefit both parties to cut the cords that bind you; this enhances your relationships and brings more joy into your life.

Phyllis Krystal developed a method to cut the cords to anyone or anything. This book is another great tool for your library. It helped me with difficult relationships that I had to break free from.

The Healing Power of Mind, by Tulku Thondup

The Healing Power of Mind is another wonderful book. Our mind is an incredible tool to help us heal and feel better.

This book includes the foundations of healing, breathing, visualization, and healing meditations.

I have done some of the visualizations and found them to be very useful. They are very easy to follow, and there are so many to choose from.

I particularly like the visualizations for letting go of sadness and the exercise to focus the scattered mind. I feel at peace after reading and applying the exercises.

This is a powerful book, I highly recommend it.

You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

You can Heal your Life was originally published in 1984, since then it has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. I read it at the end of my high school years and it blew me away.

She introduced me to the concept that we choose our family and that our experiences are not as random as we might think they are. I felt really empowered after reading it.

The book contains many exercises and affirmations to heal your life in every aspect, resentments, physical issues, etc.

The only thing that I don’t fully agree on is that all of our illnesses are caused by emotional issues, and by working on those issues the illness goes away. It is clear and proven by many other authors and researches that there is a clear link between emotions and illness (think about how sick you can become when you under stressful situations or agonizing over an issue), but I don’t believe it is the only reason why we become sick.

I have learned that there are actually 5 different reasons why we might be sick, and emotional issues are just one of them.

The reason why this book is in my top 21 best ever is because it truly changed my life and it was a catalyst for many positive changes in my life. The information, exercises, and affirmations contained in it are priceless.

I loved it.

Hands of Light, by Barbara Ann Brennan

Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins

This book is in the Physiological aspects in the Psychology section on Amazon. I’m not 100% sure where it belongs, but I love it and I think this page fits the closest to contents of the book. 

In this Power Versus Force Hawkins explains that all events in the universe are recorded in a Field of Consciousness beyond time, locality, and the recall of memory. This record is then retrievable forever by a simple physiological phenomenon called muscle testing (or kinesiology). Hawkins is then able to determine the truth or falsehood of any statement.

Through kinesiology calibrations taken over 20 years, Hawkins analyzed the whole spectrum of human consciousness, on a scale from one to 1,000, and created a profile of human experience which he calls the Map of Consciousness.

Levels under 200 are considered to be “false”: destructive, draining, depleting of energy, and temporary. Levels over 200 are considered to be “true”: self-sustaining, constructive, energizing, and invincible.

Hawkins claims that this technique provides people the means by which to calibrate levels of truth and determine whether they are being misled in any situation.

Amazing stuff. I Loved this book.

Core Light Healing, By Barbara Ann Brennan

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self, by Nick Ortner

Reiki for Life (Updated Edition), by Penelope Quest

Light Emerging, by Barbara Ann Brennan


Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise, by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace Is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh


Brain Over Binge, by Kathryn Hansen

I have read many books that explain how our overeating is due to our emotional issues.

Although I agree to some extent (because I’m an emotional eater and I eat a lot more under stress or when I’m upset), I loved reading the story of this author, Kathryn Hansen, and her different take on overeating.

In Brain Over Binge Hansen explains how she was told by her therapists that her binge eating was only a symptom of a deeper issue, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and family and social issues. But she didn’t think she had any of those problems.

She says that regardless of what she uncovered from her past, what she resolved in the present, or how she envisioned her future, her urges to binge eat still consumed her. She didn’t want to go to more therapy, attend support groups, or follow meal plans. Regardless of the amount of traditional therapy she received, she continued binging.

Hansen explains how she came to understand her bulimia in a different way – as a function of her brain, and how she used her brain to recover from bulimia on her own, without having to find, or actually have, any psychological or emotional reason behind her disorder.

This book was truly life-changing for my because I thought one of my problems was not having will power yet it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Food and Healing, by Anne Marie Colbin

Healing With Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, by Jason Fung MD

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, by Brian Wansik


Please note that all the books in the meditation and mindfulness section will also help you with anxiety issues and stress management. The benefits of meditating are multiple and I have written extensively about it. You might want to read the following sections in these posts:

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers

I read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway in my early twenties after I had landed in Scotland to learn English and to work.
I was not sure in which direction my life was heading, but I knew I wanted to move on from some emotional issues I had carried for a long time and do well at work.

A part of me was full of fear but Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway saved the day!
Jeffers explains we usually experience three types of fears:

Level 1 fears are those that “happen”: aging, being alone, making decisions, changing career, etc.
Level 2 fears are those that involve the ego: failure, rejection, success, etc.
Level 3 fears say: “I can’t handle it!”
Jeffers explains that at the bottom of every one of our fears there is simply the fear that we won’t be able to handle whatever life may bring us.
She says the truth is we can and will handle it, but we just think we can’t.
Another fantastic addition to your library.

Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Living With Joy is beautifully written, so inspiring and uplifting. It was published over 20 years ago yet it is so current (it was updated in 2012). These teachings will never age.

I have read it a few times, and every single time I get something different from it.

In this book you will learn a myriad of things, such as how to gain self-respect and self-esteem, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your relationships, and how to listen to your intuition.

There are useful exercises at the end of each chapter and over 300 joy affirmations. I love opening a random page and seeing what is in there.

Another great book to transform your life. Pure wisdom.

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