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Hello and welcome!

I’m Roser, founder of New Age Spirituality blog and author of Living on Earth: A Guide to Help you Achieve Health, Happiness, and Success.

My mission is to help you transform your life by providing spiritual, self-help, and personal development information in a proven, and practical way.

I’m hoping to demystify some of the information found in books and on the internet about New Age Spirituality topics—such as the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, manifesting abundance, or healing body and soul, to name a few — so you can understand them and make them work for you.

I want this website to be a place where you can find the answers to the questions and issues that are bothering you the most, questions such as:

  1. What is the point of life?
  2. How can I create the life of my dreams?
  3. Why am I going through this?

You will find the answer in my blog posts which are categorized as follows:

Explore your spiritual self, your soul, and your true nature. Find out all about reincarnation, your souls evolution, and your pre-life planning.

Learn the tools to be able to live happily and successfully. Among other things, explore the Universal Laws of Creation, how to find your life purpose, and how to use the power of your mind to make your dreams come true.

Learn the tools to find harmony and health in the human body, physically, and emotionally. You will learn the role of conventional medicine and alternative therapies, the mind-body connection, and tools to find self acceptance, confidence, and health.

More about me

Born and raised in Spain, my passion is reading and sharing the knowledge I’m gaining. I love to talk to my friends and family who seek counsel and provide them advise and good books to read. I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but particularly self-help, personal development, and spiritual ones.

When I was a teenager I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I wanted to feel better and make my life work. I longed to understand the bigger meaning in life. I felt there was more to it than just our bodies, but what was it?

While I was trying to figure it all out, I went to University and I received a degree in Economics and Business Administration. After graduating, I left Spain with the intent to travel for about a year, to work, and to improve my English.

I landed in Scotland, which I loved, and I continued reading heavily all types of self-help, personal growth, and spiritual books while I also pursued becoming a Chartered Management Accountant.

I ended up staying 11 years in Scotland, and I learned a lot during that time. Many of those spiritual books helped me gain confidence, understand the spiritual laws of creation, and manifest the lifestyle and career that I wanted.

In 2010 I took an opportunity to relocate to Houston and work as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for an Oil and Gas Energy Company. Most recently in 2019 I held the role of Vice President of Finance.

While in Houston, I became a Reiki Master and I continued reading hundreds of books and attending several self-help and personal development courses. I have now stopped working corporately to concentrate on providing the knowledge I have gathered and continue learning on this site.

I always wanted to write a book and while working in Houston in 2017 I published Living on Earth, which consolidates all the knowledge that has served me so greatly to heal and succeed.

Living on Earth book written by Roser Segarra
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Recent posts

You are going to find many book recommendations in most of my blog posts. I have learned a great deal from books, and I think it is always good to be able to follow up with books if you wish to know more about a specific subject. I hope you enjoy them!

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